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Eyebrow Lamination

Want to enhance your brows without a permanent commitment? Our brow lift, lamination & tint service is for you!

An eyebrow lamination—also called a brow perm or brow lift—makes your brows appear smoother, fuller and professionally manicured—for up to six weeks! At Carissa Star Cosmetics, we’re here to help you attain your brow goals with a quick, 45-60 minute service that will give you the brows of your dreams—without having to fuss over brow pencil or powder!

If you’re tired of waging a daily battle to brush your unruly, multi-directional or stubborn brows into place, eyebrow lamination is ideal for you! Nearly any eyebrow—fine to coarse hair; average to full; red, brown, black or blonde—can benefit from our brow lamination services.

Ready to take your first step toward perfect brows?


Book an appointment with our brow experts at Carissa Star Cosmetics

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