Frequently Asked Questions



During the treatment, a specially designed cosmetic stylus is used to direct a fleet of a dozen sterile needles as they brush against the pores, creating micro-injuries that stimulate the body to heal itself. Prior to the procedure, a soothing gel is used to minimize abrasion and lubricate the stylus. As the pen glides across the skin, patients may experience a sandpaper-like sensation, but this is no more irritating than a typical over-the-counter apricot scrub, for instance. Microneedling in New York City is often enhanced through the use of skin-renewal serums such as PRP (platelet-rich plasma), hyaluronic acid, collagen masks, kojic acid and growth factor gels. The entire procedure lasts approximately 30 minutes, and results can continue to impress for up to one year.


The microneedling procedure is a non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment that offers long-lasting results within days. Since no chemicals are used to treat the skin, chances allergies, infections, injuries and skin damage are rare.

But, considering that the microneedling procedure is a cosmetic treatment, patients need to be aware that they may experience minor swelling, bleeding and bruising post-treatment. These symptoms will reduce and disappear within a few days after the procedure.

The microneedling procedure in itself isn’t very painful. But, depending on your pain threshold, you may experience minor pain. The doctor may prescribe pain medication which you’ll need to take until the pain subsides.

Your skin may feel raw and itchy for a few hours after the treatment. This occurs as a result of the swelling in the open pores of the skin. The pores close within 90 minutes of the treatment, significantly reducing the swelling and itchiness on the face. Your skin should go back to normal within 12 to 48 hours after the procedure.

Your practitioner will provide you with a comprehensive skin care regimen at our office, which you need to follow post-treatment. Carefully following this skincare plan will help your skin heal faster and will allow you to regain your beautiful and youthful appearance.