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Long Lashes

Lash Rehabilitation

For Clients Looking to GROW & enhance their NATURAL Eyelashes

$85 (45 min)

This appointment includes:

  • Detailed client consultation 

  • Lash damage assessment

  • Lash Tinting

  • Lash Rehabilitation serum application

  • Lash Rehabilitation at home maintenance kit.  

Kit Includes:

  • 1 month supply of Lash Growth Serum

  • Travel Lash Spoolie

  • Lash Rehab After Care Card

  • Complimentary Collagen Lip Mask

Get the lashes you long for...

Do you need Lash Rehabilitation?

Are your lashes too short and you want them longer?

Have eyelash curlers or over use of eyelash extensions damaged your natural lashes?

You are a candidate if you find yourself in either of these situations:

  1. You have brittle, short, and weak natural eyelashes that you want to grow.

  1. Your natural lashes have been damaged and weakened by lash curlers, lash extensions or lash services done unprofessionally elsewhere.

In both of these situations you should take a little break from lash extensions and book a lash rehab service so that our professional lash experts can guide you in the right direction to having the healthier, thicker & longer lashes that you deserve!

As professional eyelash extension technicians, we make it our duty to make sure that our clients lashes are healthy and to inform them of the risks that come with overuse of lash extensions, as well as about the care their natural lashes need. 

About our Lash Serums...

There are a number of eyelash serums available on the market. Lash serums strengthen the lashes, enhance their growth, and make them thicker and blacker. The peptides, which are an ingredient of the serums, strengthen eyelash follicle proteins which help repair damage, and working together with moisture molecules, lash serums promote eyelash repair and recovery. This is a more effective option than natural oils, and you should check the ingredients list before purchasing any serum. Like with any products that contain chemicals, eyelash serum comes with the risk of irritation, agitation, and allergic reactions!

Our favorite lash serums:

  • Our very own signature lash serum - Lashurious by Carissa Star Cosmetics

  • Grande Lash MD

  • Monat Lash & Brow





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