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Dermaplaning is a quick and painless procedure for exfoliating the vellus hairs as well as the top layer of dead skin cells from your face. It’s also called micro-planing or derma-blading.

Using a straight-edged blade our licensed staff will skillfully remove dead skin cells to reveal a softer, brighter complexion. During the procedure, veils hair, also known as peach-fuzz is removed from the skin. This results in a smoother make-up application and also preps the skin for other procedures and treatments. Post derma planing, the skin is primed to better absorb skincare products.

Dermaplaning can be used for any skin type and anyone with:

  • acne scars

  • dull skin

  • dry skin

  • sun-damaged skin 

  • fine wrinkles

Dermaplaning provides immediate results that typically last about 4 weeks.

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