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For at least the first 24-hours after treatment, the following should be avoided.

  • Heat, saunas, and steam (​including stove-top cooking – the perfect excuse to get a takeout!)

  • Water

  • Oils

  • Shampoos

  • Lotions and creams

  • Face wash

  • Makeup remover wipes


Tips for Optimal Brow Lift, Lamination & Tint Results​


  1. Avoid water-proof brow mascaras. Having undergone an Elleebana brow lift & lamination, the only products recommended to be used without fear of brows losing their lift/lamination are non waterproof brow Mascara, Elleeplex Regen or Monat LAsh & Brow serum, or Grande Brow Serum.

  2. Avoid Sleeping on your face. As brows are still malleable, sleeping on your back is the best position to avoid the brows to lose their desired shape and appearance.

  3. Use Gentile Cleansers. When returning to using face washes, avoid products which are quite oily in nature as this can cause lashes to lose their lift prematurely. (Cetaphil or Carissa Star Cosmetic's Limu facial cleanser is recommended)

  4. Brush brows daily.  Brushing brows daily in an upward direction with a clean dry mascara spool to maintain lift and desired shape.

  5. Avoid Touching Brows. This will help to maintain the ‘lift’ effect while settling into their desired new shape.

  6. Book Your Touch-Up Sessions Regularly. Elleebana Brow Lift, Laminations & Tinting can last up to three months. Once you notice your Brows are becoming unmanageable (that means they've grown out) it is time to book your retouch session. Clients can come in as needed for a clean up and shaping of any stray hairs that may be growing in between sessions to restore their perfect brow appearance.    


All Aftercare products are available for purchase in our web store & in person with your practitioner.

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