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SKIN TYPES:  Normal, Dry, Sensitive


This multi-functional hydrating toner refreshes and rehydrates the skin with an aromatic blend of essential oils.



Golden to pink liquid with the pleasant scent of Ginseng, Chamomile and Geranium.



Use after through cleansing of the skin. Refreshes and re-hydrates the skin with an aromatic blend of essential oils. Apply to cotton round in circular motion on the skin, or spray directly on skin as a mist. Avoid contact with the eyes.



This multi-functional hydrating toner provides natural proteins to help maintain elasticity, bio-extracts effective in hydrating, and minerals that possess stimulating abilities, all of which enhance the skin’s natural repair process. Ginseng Extract is incorporated in this formula to revitalize and condition the skin. A slight flush will give the skin a healthy glow.



  • Chamomile and Geranium - a blend of aromatherapy oils for soothing, warming blend of essential oils.
  • Ginseng Extract – beneficial in this toner for revitalizing and conditioning all skin types. Used for thousands of years, touted as a prolonger of life and cure for literally all human ills, and the cornerstone of a multimillion dollar business.
  • Bee Pollen Extract – A natural source used for healing wounds and contains vitamins and minerals.
  • Sodium PCA (NaPCA) – A natural moisturizing component that softens skin and helps it attract and retain moisture.
  • Hydrolyzed Muccopolysaccharides – bio active extract effective in hydrating and softening the skin. Present in living cells where they bind water and mineral salts.

Ginseng Mineral Toner

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