Ashley Lauren


Ashley Lauren, otherwise known as The Spray Tan Goddess, graduated from Staten Island's very own Susan E. Wagner High School in 2007, where she stood out above her peers always 10 steps ahead of the crowd when it came to makeup and keeping up with the current hottest trends.


In 2008, Ashley landed herself a job at a very well known Staten Island hospital as a receptionist, eventually working her way up the ladder becoming a Mental Health Tech. Although she has found her career in the medical industry as a Mental Health Technician, she never let go of her love and passion for beauty and fashion, taking every free opportunity she has to dabble in the beauty industry.

In 2012, Ashley teamed up with Carissa Star, freelancing as an event hair & make-up artist assistant, refining her skills and broadening her makeup experiences and continued to acquire education on current makeup trends, techniques, and latest product knowledge. 

As a Staten Islander, Ashley will tell you there’s nothing that can’t be cured with an old fashioned tanning session (or two). It’s serious business. Not everyone in Staten Island takes it quite to that extreme, but trust me—they're all definitely more orange than they’re supposed to be. Ashley knew a bronze glow just wasn't achievable or healthy for anyone with the natural sun or tanning beds. With that in mind she invested in educating herself on sunless tanning.


 In 2018 Ashley earned her certification from the National Spray Tanning Professional Association (NSTPA)


Reigned as "The Spray Tan Goddess", Ashley Lauren creates an experience that is completely customized for each individual client to give them a flawless tan that compliments their own natural skin tone, by offering a safe alternative to the harmful, damaging effects of UV radiation.

Today, Ashley continues to work passionately at the hospital, all while creating flawless sunless tans & exquisite makeup looks on faces everywhere, helping her clients to feel confident and look their best.